Monday, February 23, 2009

UPDATE: 02/23/2009!


  • Added Chapter 03 (8 New Monsters, 16 New Maps)!
  • Released start2.exe (recommended for Vista users and for XP users with .Net Framework 2.0+)!
  • Added 'SELL' option for Ingredients (Lobby Only)!
  • Added 2 New Awards!
  • Added story-telling scripts to improve co-op dialogue!
  • Added 1 Champion Training map from Chapter 03!
  • Added Golem spell (Spells now completed)!
  • Added Delta-Time movement for Players, Non-Players and Spells!
  • Added typing-bubbles (to see when people are typing chat text)!
  • Added the ability to become a 'Preferred Host' (if you've hosted a multiplayer game that people joined, then you get a [+] next to your name in the server list)!

  • Re-structured setup and lobby menus to improve Reflect multiplayer community.
  • Altered the VIEW AWARDS option in the ESC Menu to easily allow viewing of other player's awards.
  • Lowered re-cast times for all Elementalist spells.
  • Lowered the re-cast penalty for all Alchemist potions.
  • Lowered re-cast time for Sanctuary spell (Healer).
  • Re-designed Quake spell.
  • Revised enemy leader combo attacks.
  • Fixed various bugs.

  • TCP/IP connection options
  • Single-player option for people with a valid internet connection

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