Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The day that Wanderlust: Rebirth is finally released is upon us! It has taken nearly 5 years to finish this journey, and we look forward to supporting and playing with our fellow fans! But alas, this does not mean the end, we will continue to work on and better Wanderlust!

4 The Win competition winners!

  1. klobb
  2. warriorccc0
  3. eliXavier
  4. marvdiv
All winners should have their accounts "golded" for the full game. You should now be able to log in and play the full game! Hope you guys enjoy!

How to purchase Wanderlust?

To purchase Wanderlust: Rebirth, join/host a game and talk to Gregin. He should have an option to
"Purchase Wanderlust", select this and you should see several package offers. Select the one you want to purchase and it should open a webpage. Click the paypal button and go through with the payment process. Once completed, your account should be authenticated shorty and ready to dive into the full game!

Patch 2.16

  • Fixed Various Bugs
Thanks for all our fans who have followed us over these long years, and we hope you enjoy Wanderlust as much as we do!

Patch 2.17

  • Fixed Various Bugs

Patch 2.18

  • Turned Classic Chat "OFF" by default
  • Transporters easier to step on
  • Added ability to GIFT in 'GIFT WANDERLUST' Menu
  • Further nerfed Chapter 1 single-player based on feedback

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