Monday, June 20, 2011


Patch 2.23

  • New Fighter Abilities: "Battle Cry", "Slaughter"
  • Power Slash and Aerial Slash now do increased HITS per level
  • New Cleric Play-Mechanic: "Over-Healing"
  • Armageddon now uses proper runes to cast
  • Fixed a couple bugs with Final Boss (should be more difficult now!) and CH7 Boss
  • Added a little more to the radius of the teleports (easier to stand on)
  • Added 3 seconds to Magic Shield spell length
  • Adjusted Potion SP Costs per level
  • Spiders do not spit at hidden or dead players
  • Added OVERKILLS (Like GIBS?)
  • Reduced SOUL CHARGES on EPIC MODE to 2
This patch we tried to address some concerns with 2 of the classes; the Fighter and the Cleric. For the Fighter, we added 2 new skills, "Battle Cry" and "Slaughter". "Battle Cry" is an ability the Fighter can activate taunting all enemies around him to attack him, while lowering their DAMAGE and MOMENTUM, and raising your team's MOMENTUM. "Slaughter" is an activate ability that works along side "Aerial Slash". When an enemy is at 20% or lower HP, the Fighter can target their weak-point (Aerial Slash) for MASSIVE DAMAGE!
The Cleric on the other hand, now has a built in ability to "Over-Heal" their teammates when they are at full HP, represented by a blue bar. This blue bar will absorb incoming damage until depleted. When fellow teammates are at full HP, any healing spells the Cleric casts will convert the amount healed to damage nearby enemies. This will be a VERY effective mechanic to help break the "heal-bot" syndrome healing Clerics tend to have, and keep them active on the battlefield at all times. Lastly, the Cleric can use the "Over-Healed" HP when they cast "Sanctuary" to increase its AoE damage.

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