Thursday, June 23, 2011


Patch 2.27

  • Added Player Profile Pages! Includes Player "Renown"!
  • Poison now subtracts from Overheal HP
  • A specific Secret Boss should work on Dedicated Hosts now
  • Ally NPCs no longer give Tokens when they die
  • Final Boss should now award Tokens
  • Final Boss should not "teleport" when he touches NPCs
  • Chapters now unlocked when ALL previous chapters are Silver Star
  • Sidequest in CH4 (Dedicated Host) can be completed now
  • Working on new start.exe that will auto-patch...
We added Player Profile pages this patch. Now you can view your profile from in-game, or view other peoples profiles via the Player menu. Players earn "Renown" by how many badges they have received. "Renown" is used to determine who gets placed on the top 10 Renown list! Also, you can now click player's names on the highscore tables to view their profiles!
If it says profile does not exist, you must log into the game and run a chapter or sell some items and it should update and create your profile!

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