Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Patch 2.31

  • Added the Luck Box in The Crawl! (Level 5+)
  • Added 4 additional custom maps to The Crawl!
  • Game now starts fullscreen
  • Added "Lefty Mode" in OPTIONS (swaps Arrow and WASD keys)
  • Should be easier for players to get through small doors (sliding on walls)
  • Players should find orange blueprints off of EPIC Bosses much more often
  • Added Lobby Portal for when players end the crawl
  • [Alchemist] Enemies should no longer attack stealthed Alchemist on touch
  • [Alchemist] Increased explosion damage for Alchemist Chill potion
  • [Alchemist] Increased starting resistances for Alchemist
  • [Fighter] Increased efficacy of Super Slash and Rising Slash (secret)
  • Chapter screen will no longer close when players are not ready
  • Dedicated Hosts should no longer update Furthest Crawl Level
  • NPCs will no longer attack other NPCs that are already dead
  • Players can now RETRY (restart the chapter) when they die mid-chapter
  • Heal/Ailment Splash Images now considered "action captions"
  • Reduced the amount of "saving" in the Lobby
  • Fixed other minor bugs
The biggest addition to this patch is the Luck Box which can be found in crawl levels 5+. Spin the Luck Box to see what challenges await you in the next room, OR be rewarded with loot that even kings would envy! The 7's on the spinner are "wild cards"; these will help you match spinner icons. Get 3 of the same colored 7's and win the Token Jackpot! Good luck!

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