Wednesday, April 25, 2012


New Menu Designs 

The new menus are sleeker, and fit more with the feel of the other menus in the game like the end chapter screen, hotkey menus, items menus, etc. 

Focus on Getting Into The Game! 

The menus also have been re-designed to offer a more traditional feel (with the ESC key accessing main game features like SINGLE PLAYER, MULTIPLAYER, OPTIONS, etc), and Gregin taking more of a secondary role (you no longer have to speak to him in order to play the game). In addition to these changes (which should make the starting process more natural for newer players), the Chapter screen will not be displayed if you have never beaten Chapter 1. Also, a notification now appears at the bottom of the screen while in the Global Lobby, to remind players (and inform new players) that the ESC key gives them access to all the main features of the game. Finally, new players do not need to create a Reflect Account in order to play the single player mode of the demo! We hope that this will increase the chances of them giving the game a fair shot, since a lot of people will leave the game once they discover they need to sign up for "yet another new service"! 

New Elementalist Skill Menu 

Long overdue, the Elementalist Skills Menu now displays ALL SPELLS instead of runes. What's neat about this is that the rune system is still operating in the background, so when you upgrade one spell, you will see other spells reduce in cost for their next level (because they share runes with the spell you just upgraded). Interestingly enough, it's advantageous to upgrade spells that do not influence the cost of one another, because they can be cast quicker in-game (since shared runes do not have to recharge). 

New Team Name 

Last but not least, we're changing our team name from "Team Wanderlust" to "Yeti Trunk". You will see our new logo in the game! 

Hope you enjoy! 

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