Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yeti Trunk and a Bunch of Goodies!

Hey fellow adventurers, today we wanted to announce the launch of our official team name, Yeti Trunk! As some of you are aware, we were formally called Team Wanderlust, which was a name that kind of evolved through the years of working on Wanderlust titles. We decided that we wanted to get an identity that would allow us to create other games outside of the Wanderlust universe.

Why Yeti Trunk?  

Well, that is a hard question to answer. It is in part based on a late night brainstorming session, and other parts based in Matthew and my twisted humor. However, we also wanted a logo that would allow us to do a lot of creative things with, such as having the Yeti open his trunk and something different come out depending on the game he is in. Either way, you guys can check out the official website here.

Also, Lauren finished the very awesome box art for Wanderlust! You can grab yourself one of the fancy backgrounds here.

Finally, keep your eyes on the look out for some pretty exciting news coming soon...

Thanks for your support,
~ Yeti Trunk


  1. What happened to the post about the game being on Steam? :(

  2. We weren't supposed to divulge that information just yet! Stay tuned for more information regarding our new, unannounced publishing agreements...