Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Patch 2.90 Notes

[PATCH 2.90]

+ Added option to toggle the game starting fullscreen
+ Changed Stats Menu to use Space or (A) Button instead of F4
+ [STEAM] Added "Full Controller Support"
+ Added better icon help for in-game menus (controllers)
+ Added new tutorial instructions if controllers are in use
+ [ELEMENTALIST] Added gamepad support (Xbox Controller recommended)
+ [BUG] Controllers able to open or close menus in Gamepad Mapping Menu
+ [BUG] Skill Menu available during Crawl
+ [BUG] Controllers able to open menus at chapter end

[PATCH 2.89]

+ Added option to toggle "Hints" (Gameplay Options)
+ Changed "Death Sound" option to "Death/Loot Sound" (Audio Options)
+ [ELEMENTALIST] Slight boost to the efficacy of Blizzard and Armageddon
+ [BUG] Chapter Ratings not reporting properly to Host
+ [BUG] Marty Sidequest

[PATCH 2.88]

+ [BUG] Hosting Issues (Reflect users may need to manually re-download)
+ [BUG] 'Death Sound' option
+ [BUG] Issue causing memory leaks

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