Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Patch 2.93 Notes

[PATCH 2.93]

+ Reduced all item costs to 60% of their previous value
+ [BUG] A button gets stuck on controllers
+ [BUG] Players earn award for killing secret bosses even if they fail
+ [BUG] 'Holy Shield' hotkey says 'Holy Armor' in the Hotkey Menu
+ [BUG] Some Tips for controller/keyboard users incorrect

[PATCH 2.92]

+ Players may now skip to level 10 of The Crawl ("Epic") when they beat Chapter 10
+ Smoothed chat scroll with PgUp and PgDn (for slower computers)
+ [BUG] Some Tips for controller users still show keyboard shortcuts

[PATCH 2.91]

+ Added "Video Memory Chat" option (OFF if you experience graphical glitches in the chat window)
+ [BUG] Knockback as a item bonus (changed to Killing Blow)
+ [BUG] Specific Menus w/controller icons while using Keyboard/Mouse

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