Thursday, December 20, 2012

Come back to Wanderlust!

We invite old players to come back to Wanderlust: Rebirth!

We've been listening to your feedback. We've been considering your suggestions. We've been answering your requests. If you played Wanderlust just two or three months ago, a more polished game awaits you if you come back now!

Recent Major Additions Include:

  • Unlocked new Game Mode: RELIC RUSH!
  • Added "Full Controller Support" (Xbox Controller recommended)

Recent Balancing Changes Include:

  • Increased Character Points from 25 to 150 for starting players
  • Reduced all item costs to 60% of their previous value
  • Epic Crawl unlocked after beating Normal Mode

Recent Minor Additions Include:

  • Added "Video Memory Chat" option (OFF if you experience graphical glitches in the chat window)
  • Rune Menu now colors invalid Runes red during spell-switching
  • Added PgUp, PgDn function to scroll up and down in chat

We're always trying to improve Wanderlust, so please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know what you think can be enhanced!

 ~Yeti Trunk

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