Monday, August 19, 2013

Wanderlust: Rebirth now available starting at $7.99!

We're pleased to announce that Wanderlust: Rebirth will now be available at a lower price!

1-PACK:  $9.99USD  $7.99USD

4-PACK:  $29.99USD  $24.99USD

It's been a long time since we originally launched Wanderlust: Rebirth - June 14th, 2011 - and we've added a ton of content to the game since then. With Wanderlust: Adventures coming next year, we want to make sure we get a copy of Wanderlust: Rebirth into the grubby mitts of as many hardcore arcade-rpg-lovers as possible.

In addition to our new price, you can nab Wanderlust: Rebirth on sale for 75% Off on Steam, only for today! Whether you're someone who is newly interested in playing Rebirth, or a veteran who needs some friends to join in your quest to master the game, today is the perfect opportunity to score up a copy of our game for the LOWEST PRICE EVER.

EXE Version 2.99 was also released on the 17th which contained a couple refinements to NPC Enemies in the game:

  • Smoother movement
  • Slower attack speed (allowing players to better anticipate enemy attacks).

Hope to see you all online and ready for a true arcade-rpg challenge!
 ~ Yeti Trunk

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