Saturday, June 7, 2014

"Wanderlust Adventures" - Zombie Ambush Preview

Please keep in mind that all of the images in Developer's Logs are for Wanderlust Adventures, a new title being worked on by Yeti Trunk, and are a Work In Progress; some of them are mockups or early prototypes.

Spooky ghouls!

Greeting fellow Yetis!

We are still alive, and moving at a steady pace. We just wanted to show you a quick preview of a zombie (ghoul) ambush! If you are wanting to actively follow the development of Wanderlust Adventures, you can watch it live with Matt, Jason, and Lauren. Drop each of us a follow and it will alert you when we go live (almost daily).

We also want to quickly welcome Power Up Audio. They have done a fantastic job on creating dynamic SFX for WA! You can get a glimpse of some of their amazing work in the video above.

 Stay tuned for a blog post in the coming days/weeks with a detailed list of all the new changes!

Until next time!

 ~ Yeti Trunk

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