Tuesday, May 12, 2015

v. Broadsword +8

  • NEW: Optimized lighting in specific rooms (Crawl, some Dungeon Bosses)
  • NEW: Visual Option - Toggle Player custom colors on/off
  • NEW: Epic - Possessing a Soul Charge now turns the Soul Skull white
  • NEW: Epic - Experience bonus from Epic mobs cut by 60%
  • NEW: Epic - Token bonus from Epic mobs cut by 20%
  • NEW: Epic - When you die, you now drop all of your current level experience
  • NEW: Dungeons now show doorways more clearly on the map
  • NEW: Levels 16-25 now require more experience
  • NEW: Backstabbing damage increased for all characters
  • NEW: Sorcerer - Balanced all Spell Damages
  • NEW: Sorcerer - Charge Spells can be cast quicker
  • NEW: Assassin - Reduced Dash damage
  • NEW: Assassin - Dash no longer backstab-capable
  • NEW: Bandit Bullets now flash white
  • NEW: Imps and Clerics no longer resurrect enemies during Crawl
  • BUGFIX: Clients cannot use campfires
  • BUGFIX: Orange helmets not awarding proper resist amounts
  • BUGFIX: Equipment Bonus Panel not displaying some skill bonuses
  • BUGFIX: Clients are seeing duplicate dummy summons (Imp, Goblin Cleric)
  • BUGFIX: Fixed shadow on Bonerang attack

Broadsword +7

  • NEW: Soul Charge Orb will look different in Epic Mode
  • NEW: Campfire - Can now access Private Stash from campfires
  • NEW: Epic - Ambushes always act as if 4 players are in the game
  • NEW: Epic - Enemies will now scale HP and damage properly
  • NEW: Dungeons - 31 Maps added
  • NEW: Dungeons - Maps now reveal as you explore
  • NEW: Special Points no longer recharge while attacking
  • NEW: Assassin - Ninja Stars now shatter if they collide with a wall
  • NEW: Assassin - Death Strike damage reduced
  • NEW: Assassin - Dash now takes 30SP rather than 25SP
  • NEW: Removed all black outlines from enemy npc sprites
  • NEW: Added shadows under projectiles
  • BUGFIX: Omen Beetle doesn't attack
  • BUGFIX: Overgrowth Boss - "Bullets" do 0 damage
  • BUGFIX: UI - Keys offset in starting screen and joining screen
  • BUGFIX: Window start position is sometimes off-center

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