Friday, May 15, 2015

v. Broadsword +10

NEW: Crafting - Green Rings/Amulets cost less gem shards
NEW: Crafting - Changed some item descriptions (less cryptic)
NEW: Crusader - Healing Breeze changed to Angel Breath (cone attack)
NEW: Crusader - Blessed Touch now small AOE. Can resurrect
NEW: Crusader - Resurrect now a PASSIVE skill modifier for Blessed Touch
NEW: Crusader - Guardian now a PASSIVE skill
NEW: Crusader - Divine Hammer now heals allies it hits
NEW: Crusader - Overheal no longer damages enemies, nor does it auto-deplete
NEW: Crusader - Wrath no longer earns a block and gives 3 holy crits after 3 hits
NEW: Overheal now capped at 25% of your total HP
NEW: Sorcerer - Changed SP costs for spells
NEW: Assassin - Re-balanced all skills
NEW: Assassin - Dash now used primarily for defense
NEW: Assassin - Starts with 2 total blocks
NEW: Dungeons - 14 Rooms added
NEW: Dungeons - 8 Maps added
BUGFIX: Undead Aura bugs
BUGFIX: "Revenge" notification not very visible
BUGFIX: Event/Quest music can overlap itself
BUGFIX: Random events have some minor issues
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - Chain Lightning breaks with +1 Orange Jewelry
BUGFIX: Crawl Keeper locks after you say "No"
BUGFIX: Fixed a data structure issue leading to potential memory leak
BUGFIX: Fixed a data structure issue leading to odd Equipment Bonuses

v. Broadsword +9

NEW: Sorcerer - Enemies no longer auto-block Power Spells
NEW: Sorcerer - Increased Bolt (Starter) Spell damage
NEW: Sorcerer - Balanced Bolt (Starter) Spells knockback
NEW: Warrior - Whirlwind will only hit an enemy once each spin
NEW: Music - Changed musical sfx for Quest, Log, Event completion
NEW: Dieing (full wipe) will place monsters spawns back in the world
NEW: Sorcerer - Tightened up auto-aim cone (Gamepad only)
NEW: Circlet/Talisman now have a random blue power added
BUGFIX: Re-equipping Spell +1 gear keeps adding a spell level
BUGFIX: Crawl - A Menu pops up during Crawl
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - Can cast Meteor to areas that they cannot reach
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - Can target monsters in areas that they cannot reach
BUGFIX: Chests spawn on top of one another
BUGFIX: Undead Aura spawns enemies (not allies)

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