Monday, May 18, 2015

v. Broadsword +12

NEW: Mini-Map added
NEW: Control - Added "Hybrid" Control Preset
NEW: Charms - Charms of Purple and Red rarity may now drop
NEW: Experience and Token totals no longer trail off-screen
NEW: Experience and Token totals shine briefly when they increase
NEW: Experience and Token totals stay briefly on screen at the end of combat
NEW: Players always heal in outposts no matter the difficulty
NEW: Renowned enemies can no longer be shielded by other enemies
NEW: Barrels can no longer be picked up by players
BUGFIX: Phylactery should now drop in Desolates Epic Dungeons
BUGFIX: Broken Red items drop in the Catacombs and Crypts dungeons
BUGFIX: Quest - Some oddities with final two Overgrowth quests
BUGFIX: Quest - Second quest of the barrens is acting funny at the end
BUGFIX: Cannot drop explosive barrels
BUGFIX: NPCs don't jiggle destructables as they move through them
BUGFIX: Crusader - Some of the Crusader skills fail to mention self-benefit
BUGFIX: Crusader - Angel Breath doesn't cast except at full SP (even if it should)
BUGFIX: Achievements - Not getting outpost completion achievements
BUGFIX: Achievements - "Loot Hoard" Achievement doesn't trigger in stash
BUGFIX: One of the event sound effects is too loud
BUGFIX: Mage Hotkey menu comes up while typing

v. Broadsword +11

NEW: Reduced memory usage of the game by ~ 20% (190MB)
NEW: Reduced exe file size and load time by ~ 15%
NEW: Assassin - Increase SP cost for Ninja Star
NEW: Increased time it takes for potions to be thrown through the air
NEW: Lowered animation speeds for Bear, Wolf and Dog enemies
NEW: Password entry now hidden and starts lowercase
NEW: Dungeon Maps now reveal in a bubble around the player's location
NEW: Changed how dungeon information is saved; less memory usage
NEW: Collection Quests will now clearly indicate the quest item
NEW: Increased campfire activation radius
NEW: Lowered EXP for slimes
NEW: Coins no longer show "ITEM" notifier while behind graphics
NEW: Dungeon doors now only lock during combat on Epic Mode
NEW: Zombie Ambush now only has a chance of occurring at night
BUGFIX: Typo in Mother intro dialogue
BUGFIX: Blood Slime pet feeds when enemy Blood Slimes hurt you
BUGFIX: Blood Plant doesn't have a hunting log entry
BUGFIX: Gazer doesn't have a hunting log entry
BUGFIX: The Ooze Cave boss doesn't drop a chest on Normal difficulty
BUGFIX: Refreshing private servers shows public servers afterwards
BUGFIX: Quick-travelling does not update server
BUGFIX: Enemies sometimes get stuck in their charge move

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