Friday, May 22, 2015

v. Broadsword +14

NEW: Players now join crawl "dead"
NEW: Sorcerer - Auras now last for 4 seconds before disappearing
NEW: Sorcerer - Auras now attack every 1.5 seconds (instead of 1 second)
NEW: Sorcerer - Auras now account for enemy resistances
NEW: Charms - Removed Purple and Red Charms (too powerful)
NEW: Re-coded how statuses are handled when enemies hit players (needs testing)
NEW: Lowered length of time for some enemy (on hit) status effects
BUGFIX: Players who join games are not on the proper difficulty
BUGFIX: Players who join games do not have correct Soul Charges
BUGFIX: Clients can open chests multiple times
BUGFIX: Crusader - Guardian (Passive) can be hotkey mapped
BUGFIX: Desolates Quest #3 not working
BUGFIX: Secret Mines boss spells giving errors
BUGFIX: Secret Mines boss cheating
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - 1,2,3 do not swap magic stances
BUGFIX: Lurker bonerang not splitting when it hits target
BUGFIX: Omen Man trident not passing through target NPCs
BUGFIX: Omen Man trident hits players multiple times
BUGFIX: Purple Gifts give the same EXP as Orange Gifts
BUGFIX: Error when clicking items in stash

v. Broadsword +13

NEW: Charms - Adjusted sell values for charms, max rarity is now Purple
NEW: Assassin - Dash damage now scales for character level
NEW: Sorcerer - Increased damage of bolt spells
NEW: Sorcerer - Ice Burst and Ice Nova no longer do burst damage (just freeze)
NEW: Sorcerer - Keys 1,2,3 (X,Y,B on gamepad) will now change magic stance
NEW: Goblin Shaman re-worked
NEW: The Arena (Crawl) now wipes all player status effects on entry
BUGFIX: Players can break the Overgrowth Boss encounter
BUGFIX: RB no longer blocks with characters other than Sorcerer
BUGFIX: Holding Shift to skip dialogue brings up spell menu
BUGFIX: Assassin - Dash still applies damage bonus from equipment
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - Non-default controls have issues with Spell Wheel Menu
BUGFIX: Ambushe Shrines do not work in dungeons
BUGFIX: UI and characters disappear in dungeon rooms with the Blood Shrine
BUGFIX: Accepting a quest does not show the quest locations until you change rooms
BUGFIX: Green arrows visible on my Non-Sorcerer character

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