Monday, May 25, 2015

v. Broadsword +16

NEW: Camping now clears all statuses
NEW: Lowered EXP gained from slimes
NEW: Made 2 Boss Achievements Epic-Only
NEW: Adjusted heal of War Cry and Vitality
NEW: Some bosses now do more damage to blocks with melee attacks
NEW: Altered how some bosses handle their charge attacks
NEW: Some enemy charge moves cannot be disrupted by normal hits
BUGFIX: Ambush shrines causing visual error in overworld
BUGFIX: Dungeons no longer spawning chests
BUGFIX: Clients can double-open chests
BUGFIX: Rock Ward doesn't work if you cast on companions
BUGFIX: Cannot exit the mines after Goblin Bomber quest
BUGFIX: Unable to load low level characters in Epic Mode
BUGFIX: Can be ambushed during opening cutscene
BUGFIX: Resurrected enemies stop moving on clients (dead on host)
BUGFIX: Desert Outpost Boss dies too soon client-side
BUGFIX: Some bosses stop attacking if a pet dies near them
BUGFIX: Issues with starting new battles before old one ends
BUGFIX: Only wolves outside count toward Wolfpack completion
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - can switch stances before DEF spells unlock
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - can switch stances on accident (hitting B in menus)
BUGFIX: Crusader - Blessed touch makes curing noises when curing nothing
BUGFIX: Crusader - Created with unusable hotkey (Angel Breath)
BUGFIX: Abandoned House Boss doesn't attack any more after Soul Charge
BUGFIX: Abandoned House Boss melee attack does no damage
BUGFIX: Catacombs Boss moonwalks

05/23/2015 - v. Broadsword +15

NEW: Re-balanced some gem and random item stats
NEW: Soul Charges are no longer earned in dungeon boss rooms
NEW: Slowed slime attack speed
NEW: Warrior - Lowered SP req. for War Cry
NEW: "Discard" option renamed to "Trash"
NEW: Upgraded 'wrapping' in typing menu for gamepad
NEW: Soul Orbs and Chests now have an indicator for pickup
NEW: Large experience/token totals should reduce quicker after combat
NEW: Players now join Crawl 'dead' (prevents exploiting)
NEW: Dungeon Bosses should only spawn 1 chest when defeated
BUGFIX: Companions do not revive after battle
BUGFIX: Ambush shrines do not work in dungeons
BUGFIX: Soul Charges not sync'd on player join
BUGFIX: Players can start battles before exp/tokens are done distributing
BUGFIX: Can be ambushed outside Temple Domenu
BUGFIX: Crawl Keeper can be activated multiple times (negative soul charges)
BUGFIX: Crusader - Other players cannot see my auras when they join

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