Saturday, May 9, 2015

v. Broadsword +6

  • BUGFIX: Changed "Defense" to "Blocks" in Equipment Bonus Panel
  • BUGFIX: "Divide by 0" Error in enemy HP drawing
  • BUGFIX: Quest - Desert Outpost #2 Quest Location(s)

v. Broadsword +5

  • NOTE: Temporarily removed custom keybinding while bugfixing
  • NOTE: Temporarily removed World Reset while bugfixing
  • NEW: Slightly changed menu button aesthetics
  • NEW: Epic - All leaders are at least Gold Rank
  • NEW: Sorcerer - Lowered Meteor damage
  • NEW: Sorcerer - Enemies that know how to block, now (always) block Meteor
  • NEW: Crusader - Healing Aura no longer does Over-Heal damage
  • NEW: Crusader - Increased cooldown of Healing Breeze
  • NEW: Skills - Improved some of the descriptions - "Defend" to "Block"
  • NEW: Charms - Changed "Defense Total" to "Blocks"

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