Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wanderlust: Adventures - Developer's Log 11

Hello all!

For this update we'd like to list the numerous differences between Wanderlust: Rebirth (which is currently available) and our upcoming Wanderlust: Adventures game. Though most people out there might label Wanderlust: Adventures a "sequel", we feel that this game will offer an experience so different that it would be wrong to do so.

This has prompted us to name our next game "Wanderlust: Adventures" instead of "Wanderlust: Rebirth 2". The following is a list of features from Rebirth - which are being carried over into the Adventures - along with how they've been changed.


Basic Menu Systems
Fast-Paced Combat
Linear Chapter Experience (Story Mode)
Points tallied at the end of chapters
Character Points distributed after Chapters
Normal, Hard and Epic Modes
4 Unique Classes
2 Characters per Class
Skill-Based Progression
Occasional Companion AI (single player)
Static Encounters (always the same)
Material Drops & Crafting Emphasis
5 Different Gear + Gems
20 Inventory Slots


Graphically Enhanced Menus
Fast-Paced Combat
Non-Linear Free-Roam Experience (Adventure Mode)
Experience calculated at the end of each battle
Skill points distributed at any time
Normal and Epic Modes
4 Unique Classes (with many changes/upgrades)
2 New Characters per Class + Color Customization
Level-Based Progression with Skill-Based Bonuses
Ability to hire and level-up most npcs (single & co-op)
Randomized Encounters
Random Loot Drops with Optional Crafting
6 Different Gear + Gems
Up to 30 Inventory Slots + Gear Comparison Menu
World Map Menu
Re-designed Awards Menu
Integrated Hotkey Menu into re-designed Skills Menu
Each level earns a Skill point to distribute
Most Skills max out at Skill Level 3
Randomized Dungeons
Night/Day System
Drop-in and Drop-out play in overworld

* This list is incomplete; not all our planned features are listed here. 

So as you can see, we've been working hard to augment, improve, and sometimes even completely re-design many elements of the game from Rebirth to Adventures; all of which was based on user feedback.

We hope you all are look forward to Wanderlust: Adventures as much as we are! Until next log!

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  1. i for one am very excited to see this rebirth of 'rebirth'! looks great, can't wait!!