Thursday, December 29, 2011


Patch 2.44

  • Companions Added! (Single Player only)
  • New Aspect Ratio (4:3)
  • New Barrel-Breaking Animation
We've been busy with our day jobs but that doesn't mean we haven't been listening to you guys! With the new patch, you no longer need face the challenges of Wanderlust on your own; 3 NPC Companions now join you in your struggle to save the world!

In addition to the NPC Companions, we've upgraded the game to a larger 4x3 Aspect Ratio. This change added 448 additional pixels to the gameplay viewscreen, allowing for easier strategy and a greater appreciation for the immense detail in Jason's pixel artwork!

Also, we have decided to extend our sale till January 1st!

Lastly, Jason has added a nifty little barrel-break animation to further add character to the crazy on-screen action!

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