Monday, January 2, 2012


Patch 2.45

  • [Alchemist] Soul Charge : ADRENALINE
  • [Cleric] Wrath Spell : Now sets enemies to who hit Cleric to have 0 Holy Resist
  • Changed Final Boss flying mode to be based on HP levels rather than fear levels
  • Added new HUD Icons and shortcut keys for Inventory, Hotkey, Spell and ESC Menus
  • Added a random chance for items to be found in barrels
  • Added a random chance for Treasure Chests to be found in maps
  • Adjusted damage output of Guardian, Armageddon, and Blizzard
  • Addressed a bug with the Apprentice Robe (Dedicated), thanks to Myonamy and Wyeth
  • Changed "1-Player Mode" option to "1P Companions"
  • Changed "Animated BGs" option to "High Detail"
  • Added a Spike Attack for Chapter 3 Boss
  • Added more enemies to Chapter 3
  • Fixed various bugs
Hey guys, hope you are all enjoying your time with Wanderlust! We rolled out a new patch today that we hope will help make the game easier to get into for new players! As well, we redid the Alchemist Soul Charge and the Cleric Wrath spell!

Adrenaline, the new Alchemist Soul Charge boosts the cool down of all the players spells by half, and causing them to have infinite Special Points!

The new Wrath spell for Cleric now puts a debuff on all enemies who strike him/her, causing their Holy Resist to go down to 0. We made this change primarily because the old Wrath allowed players to cast it and just block for the entirety of the fight. This change should help keep the Cleric more active while using Wrath.

Additionally, barrels can now drop items and chests can spawn in certain maps throughout your adventures! It is pretty exciting seeing a light up chest or an item pop out. Now this is an excuse to go whack those pesky barrels!

Lastly, we added various hud icons with hotkeys on them to make all the features in Wanderlust more obvious for new players.

Hope you guys enjoy the patch!

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