Monday, January 23, 2012


Patch 2.51

  • [FIGHTER] "Berserker" now active at 100% HP only (was 30% or less)
  • [FIGHTER] "War Cry" now gives allies a 30% chance to dodge attacks from taunted enemies
  • [FIGHTER] "Riposte": Countering much easier when unlocked.
  • [FIGHTER] "Battle Tactics" skill added. Unlocked at start of character. Makes it so when an enemy is blocked 3 times, they are 'targeted' and will be hit for critical damage by the player. Player also auto-evades 'targeted' enemies but then the targeting will be removed.
  • Chapters can now be "Retried"
  • Resilient now factors Overheal when determining 40% of HP
  • Ranged enemies will no longer see through walls or Stealth
  • Made an adjustment to Chapter 7 boss tactics
  • Fixed various other bugs
With patch 2.51, we revamped the Fighter class. The Fighter can now learn Riposte, which will make countering easier, as well, we added a new ability called Battle Tactics, which allows the fighter to analyize the weaknesses in his enemies for instant crits! With these changes to the fighter, we are hoping to make him a bit more flashy compared to the other classes.
Hope you guys enjoy!

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