Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Patch 2.52

  • Added a Help/Tip/Lore feature activated while you play. When a QUESTION MARK (?) appears at the top of the screen, the player can hit "E" to view a message from the developers which contain strategies, tutorial tips, and even information about the world and characters contained within the game!
  • Mana Shield now procs before Resilient (Damage reduced in half before being capped at 40%, instead of being capped at 40% and then being reduced in half).
  • Resilient now has charges (based on character class).
  • Removed 2-Pack and 3-Pack purchase options from in game.
  • Fixed various bugs.
  • [Alchemist] Now gains +75 HP per level of Toughness.
  • [Alchemist] DEFEND KEY now makes the Alchemist dodge attacks (much like "Block").
  • [Alchemist] New Skill: Death Strike: Increase number of hits for back stabs.
  • [Alchemist] New Skill: Poison Blades: Attacks have a chance to poison enemies on hit.
  • [Fighter] New Skill: Resist Knockback: Passive. Cannot be knocked back by regular enemies attacks/spells.
  • [Cleric] Blessed Touch: In addition to current effects, it will now also level up Healing Breeze and Healing Aura.
  • [Cleric] Resurrect: Has 3 uses per chapter/crawl level. Using Cleric SC recharges all Cleric Resurrect charges.
Hey guys, with this patch, we heavily focused on making the Alchemist more fun and viable, as well as allowing players to build more of a "ninja" class. Firstly, we made it so when he holds down the dash button (right arrow), the Alchemist will auto-dodge attacks. We felt this was a needed change because he is required to be in the middle of fights to dish out damage, yet he had no defensive move like the other close-combat classes.

Also, we got rid of the Poison Potion skill, and replaced it with a passive skilled called Poison Blades. We found that a lot of players preferred to throw damaging potions rather than waste Stamina throwing a Poison Potion, just to have the enemy resist it. Now, when the Alchemist is attacking, he has a chance to poison enemies, which lowers their resistances to 0.

Cleric's Blessed Touch now increases the healing potency of Healing Breeze and Healing Aura. We noticed a lot of users didn't bother putting more than 4 points into Blessed Touch, and we are hoping to change that. Additionally, Resurrect now has limited uses (3). These recharge when the Cleric Soul Charges. We wanted players to make choices in who and when they revive!
Hope you guys enjoy!

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