Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Patch 2.87 Notes

[PATCH 2.87]

+ Alchemist Inferno Potion now leaves more/larger flames
+ Grey materials and Green Blueprints are now obsolete (sell them)
+ Gregin now sells five Grey and fifteen random Green Items
+ Gregin no longer gives grey materials while gambling 50 tokens
+ Enemies no longer drop grey materials
+ Added Audio Option "Death Sound" to toggle off death sfx for enemies

[PATCH 2.86]

+ Added "Smart Sound" option in Audio Options (limits multiple sound plays)
+ Rune Menu now colors invalid Runes red during spell-switching
+ [STEAM] "Hoarders" Achievement now checked when entering lobby
+ [FIX] Bug with CH5 Secret Boss and Soul Charge interruption
+ [FIX] Visual bugs with Wisp and Guardian
+ [FIX] F4 not working properly in Stats Menu

[PATCH 2.85]

+ PvP Players now see the color of their team on their nameplates
+ Potions no longer hit "Dummy" objects
+ Fire on the ground is now put out when stepped on (if it attempts an attack)
+ [FIX] Players who leave the game take their "carry objects" with them
+ [FIX] Host gets credit for kills in Relic Rush

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