Thursday, August 30, 2012

Content Update: PvP

Yeti Trunk fulfills the dreams of many Wanderlust players with the addition of two new competitive modes: Arena and Relic Rush! Can you become the best of all heroes?


  • Battle with friends in a fast-paced and fun team-deathmatch game mode!

Relic Rush

  • Join your friends to claim the Rush Zone in a intense team objective game mode!
  • A unique adaptation of King of the Hill and Capture the Flag style concepts!
  • Place and protect your team Relic near the Relic Rush Flag for points!
  • Keep the opposing team and their Relic out of the Rush Zone!

All Competitive Modes

  • 4 v 4 Team Competition!
  • Players utilize their battle-hardened characters from the Co-op modes!
  • All players are awarded Tokens for playing!
  • All Players earn PvP Renown on an online scoreboard! [reset daily]

Best of all, this Content Update is available for FREE (playable even in the demo)!

Recent Updates

Yeti Trunk is commited to providing a quality, fan-driven experience. Not only have they now delivered on the most requested feature since the game's launch (with the addition of a competitive game mode), but they have also made a number of recent changes to the game to based on player feedback. Here is a small sample of what has been improved or added in the past couple of months:

  • Re-designed Graphic User Interface
  • Re-designed how Special Points work with all (especially blocking) characters
  • Re-designed how players earn Renown Scores to better reflect individual achievement
  • Re-designed the Chapter Menu
  • Added "Hard" difficulty
  • Added a brief invulnerable period after reviving
  • Improved diagonal movement
  • Re-vamped the Game Server List
  • Two-spell Mouse control for Elementalist
  • Further balancing of skills for all classes

    ~ Yeti Trunk

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