Monday, January 21, 2013

"Wanderlust Adventures" Developer's Log - 2

Please keep in mind that all of the images in Developer's Logs are Work In Progress; most of them are mockups or early prototypes.

We got some more work done over the course of the past few days. First, we'd like to express that we are excited to bring Lauren Feehery back on the team! She contributed greatly to Wanderlust: Rebirth with her fantastic character portraits and hand-drawn artwork. This time around, she'll be helping us with character and enemy sprites.

Matt was able to get started on the re-designed menus. Since the second game will be open-world and non-linear - unlike the chapter system of Rebirth - the award system is going to work much differently, but we'll explain all that later. For now, check out the new menu style and shiny new award graphics!

~ Yeti Trunk

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