Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Wanderlust Adventures" Developer's Log - 5

Please keep in mind that all of the images in Developer's Logs are for "Wanderlust: Adventures", a new title being worked on by Yeti Trunk, and are a Work In Progress; most of them are mockups or early prototypes.

So last week we really hammered out a bunch of things for Wanderlust Adventures (WA), but we are only going to reveal a few of those today and will likely save the rest for a more in-depth post later.

One major change was how the enemy AI reacted to the players in maps. In Wanderlust: Rebirth (WR), enemies would rush you as soon as the map started; they could see you from the entire end of the map. Well, with the nature of an open world game, that would just be a bit silly when trying to adventure on your own, so we made all enemies have a sight radius. Now they will rush you if they see you. This completely changed the way it feels to roam around the over world, giving the game that extra level of freedom.

Some delicious rocks!

Next up, Matt began working on recoding how the Elementalist plays. No longer will players have to draw runes to select spells. Players now hold shift (which throws up a magic shield around them) and can select the element by left/right clicking on the element they want to use. Once an element is selected, players have access to all of the spells (once they unlock them) in that element based on the hotkey slot they assigned the element to. Players can cast different spells by either tapping, holding, or dragging the mouse.

So for example, left click is offensive magic, and right click is defensive magic. Say you equipped fire on the left click, and ice on the right click, a player could now left mouse click to shoot fireballs, hold down left mouse to charge up a meteor, or click and drag their right click to cast ice wall. Now if they were to switch the hotkeys, left clicking will now cast ice shard, holding down left would cast ice wave, and click dragging right mouse would cast fire wall.

With this change, we hope to see Elementalist's utilizing their abilities in any given situation. We will go into more detail about this (with nifty screen shots) at a later time.

Matt and I devised a method for potentially allowing players to customize colors on their character. We are going to continue to experiment with this, but here goes a picture of it in action:

Blue mage, go!

Another nifty experiment Matt added, was the option for players to turn on these cool looking player chat boxes. This would/will be an optional setting in the options menu for all those that love the comic book look of them.

He makes it sound so easy!

I spent the better part of last week hammering out some of the 131 static maps that will appear on the over world. These are the maps that are NOT randomly generated (usually the surrounding borders of the continent). These are all hand made, so making these takes a lot of time. I am currently sitting at 40 finished maps! T.T

 Ignore the scary pig-wolves!

That is it for last weeks dev blog, we look forward to hearing from you guys, so keep an eye out for the next update we shoot at you!


P.S. Did I forget to mention we added 16:9 screen resolution support? :)