Friday, March 1, 2013

Are you up to the challenge?

Wanderlust: Rebirth is a challenging video game... We recently looked up 'the numbers' through the Steam Achievements for our game... approximately 15% of people who beat Chapter 1 also beat Chapter 10. Seems like a small amount, but that's thousands of players that have beat the game on Normal Difficulty. Only 3% of these players went on to beat the game on Hard, and only half of those people beat the game on Epic. We meant to make a challenging - not impossible - game and the numbers say we have done just that.

Reach 100% by earning those awards!

It's not an insult if we struggle to beat a video game; that's the point of playing them! When we play "Dark Souls" or "Super Meatboy" and die over and over again, do we call those games 'broken'? No. Video games are meant to challenge us. Video games are meant to take many attempts to master. Video games are meant to reward us when we learn the patterns of the enemy's attacks and boss battles - when we obtain the skills and discover the strategies necessary to win.

These attributes are what video games have been about for years. On top of all the challenges that games are meant to pit us against, Wanderlust: Rebirth is meant to require teamwork (on Hard and Epic Modes), and Wanderlust: Rebirth is meant to be played over and over again until we achieve those ever-elusive 100% ratings on all the chapters.

So we challenge our players to step up and learn how to time your blocks. We challenge you to dodge those "bullets". We challenge you to evade those enemies. We challenge you to earn those awards and break those high scores... we challenge you to be a gamer.

As long as we call ourselves gamers, Yeti Trunk will be struggling right there next to you.

~ Yeti Trunk

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