Saturday, March 30, 2013

"Wanderlust: Adventures" Developer's Log - 7

Please keep in mind that all of the images in Developer's Logs are for "Wanderlust: Adventures", a new title being worked on by Yeti Trunk, and are a Work In Progress; most of them are mockups or early prototypes.

Hello again everyone! Time for a new Developer Log!

Matt has recently been focused on a few things: 1) Enabling randomized dungeons to swap tilesets in all the rooms so that they all look unique, 2) Making more randomized items drop when you kill enemy group leaders (to give you more of that instantaneous loot buzz as you roam the world instead of relying solely on crafting your best items) and 3) Adding a new equippable item to the game: Charms. Charms are yet another item that you can add to your character to customize their abilities, but Charms can give you bonus statistics like Tokens/Kill, Experience/Kill and specific Resistance bonuses not available through other items.

 Here's how a dungeon room looks when swapped with a cavern tileset

Charm slot can be seen at the bottom left

Jason has now completed 86/130 static maps (described in an earlier developer log), along with a total of 100 randomized overworld maps (which are randomly placed - if placed at all - on the world map each time you start a new adventure).

Tiy decided that his ice bear should have flame-farts

Lauren has been hard at work too: she is nearing the completion of the eight new heroes that will be available to be selected in Wanderlust: Adventures. We're looking forward to sharing screenshots with these new heroes present.

~ Yeti Trunk

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