Thursday, March 21, 2013

Indie-Ana Co-Op and the Dev Stories - Don't Forget the Fans

Matt wrote a guest article over at today and it's all about the fans! Here's an excerpt...

"Beyond all of the complications of video game development, there's one important aspect that is easy to overlook when you're first starting out; the need to ask for help. The moment you admit "Hey, I might need help with this project" is the moment you take your first real step towards turning your dream-game into a reality... game. In this article, I'm not referring to the help you will need in a development team. Granted, you will likely need a team of talented, dedicated, and - let's be honest here - tolerable people to work with in order to finish your first game. Still, even beyond a solid development team lies a legion of important people that will contribute to the success of your end product; these people will play your game to death."


~ Yeti Trunk

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