Friday, September 27, 2013

"Wanderlust Adventures" - Developer's Log 17

Please keep in mind that all of the images in Developer's Logs are for Wanderlust Adventures, a new title being worked on by Yeti Trunk, and are a Work In Progress; most of them are mockups or early prototypes.

The new character and loading menu

Matt took a few days to re-design and re-code the entire saving routine. Unlike in Wanderlust: Rebirth - where each profile and each character were saved as single files in two separate folders - your profile information and character information are now all stored in a single file, which is tied to your Steam ID. This enabled us to do a few new things with Wanderlust Adventures...

  • Speed up the saving process - individual elements of a character can now be saved instead of the entire character every time.
  • Characters can be deleted - as you can see in the above picture, pressing "Delete" will delete a character (a confirmation menu appears).
  • When loading, a preview of your currently selected character is created - visible are his/her name, level, custom color configuration and what rarity of equipment they are wearing.
  • The backup file is saved only when your profile successfully loads, ensuring that the backup will be a valid file if it's needed in the future.
  • All of your tokens earned while playing are now shared between all of your characters. We hope this will encourage players to more readily switch characters - to fit the needs of the party - since you no longer have to worry about earning money individually.

Jewelry Crafting!

In an effort to further reduce the clutter in player inventories we decided to not have Gems, Rings, and Amulets drop normally. Instead, players can find "Designs" which - when returned to the Jeweler in town - will enable players to craft gems for their equipment 'sockets'.

The new jewelry crafting system works much like equipment crafting system detailed in our last update but with a few minor differences:

  • Gem Shards - a new material type added to the game - are the basic requirement for crafting all jewelry, along with tokens.
  • Jewelry - i.e. Amulets and Rings - all come with "A Random Power", which is selected on purchase. It is possible to not get the exact item you were hoping for when you purchase jewelry. The good news is, that each time you buy jewelry, the next purchase will be cheaper (for up to a 40% discount on your profile).
  • Unique (orange colored) Amulets and Rings are the only items that potentially offer a bonus to a skill.
  • Placing a Gem in a socket is a permanent process - once a socket is filled with a gem, it cannot be replaced nor removed.

Until next time!

 ~ Yeti Trunk

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  1. looks sweet! really enjoyed wanderlust rebirth alot! looking forward to this. also one other thing. coudl you fix the controls for gamepads to the way the where first? now it's all xbox 360 suported only.