Tuesday, May 5, 2015

v. Broadsword +3

  • NEW: Assassin - Stealth Potion re-designed
  • BUGFIX: Can open player menus during loading screens
  • BUGFIX: Barrens Outpost Boss patterns too quick
05/04/2015 - v. Broadsword +2
  • NEW: Event - ???
  • NEW: World Map is now always visible until players actually enter a dungeon
  • NEW: Ambushes will no longer randomly occur in maps with an Ambush Shrine
  • NEW: Players can momentarily fall asleep when they use campfires
  • NEW: Hidden enemies should no longer perform Charge Attacks
  • BUGFIX: Ambush Shrines should now work inside dungeons
  • BUGFIX: A new character can get stuck in the tutorial UI if they join a multiplayer game

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