Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wanderlust Adventures FAQ

Is Wanderlust Adventures available for platforms other than Steam and Windows?

Not at this time.

Game runs at a low framerate but I have a good computer.

1) If you have connected a gamepad to play the game, keep it connected during play. You may even have to plug in more than one controller if they've both been connected to your computer before.
2) Wanderlust Adventures uses your CPU to process graphics. Make sure you have at least 2.0Ghz Processor.
3) Close windows/applications/browsers running video (, Youtube, etc.).

Nobody can connect to my games or I cannot connect to theirs.

1) Make sure both the host and client have Steam set to ONLINE MODE.
2) If they cannot find your game - or you have trouble finding games - make sure no Firewalls are running (or Adventures.exe is an exception).

"Cannot go that way..."

1) This is a video memory issue. Try updating video drivers, or changing settings on any applications that modify video for your PC (Nvidia, AMD, SLI, etc.).

"Error defining external function"

1) This is an error with one of the dlls for the game. Either a dll is missing, or is being prevented from communicating with the game executable. Disabling anti-virus programs or running the game as administrator may help.

"Trying to use non-existing surface"

1) This is a video driver issue. Try rolling back or updating your video drivers.

Game exhibits strange graphical behaviors.

1) Close other programs that use video or audio (internet browsers, etc).
2) Update video or sound drivers if possible.
3) Turn off special graphics options for your graphics card (e.g. "AMD Gaming Evolved")
4) Turn off "Custom Colors" in Visual Options Menu.

Game crashes or does not start up.

1) Run Steam "as administrator".
2) Close other programs that use video or audio (internet browsers, etc).
3) Update video or sound drivers if possible.
4) Re-install .Net Framework and MS Redistributable Packs.

How do I use a gamepad/controller?

Simply connect a controller to the game and use F1 to toggle gamepads on/off. The game should detect a controller if it was plugged in prior to loading up the game. Only Xbox controllers are officially supported.

How do I resize the game window?

Either in the OPTIONS MENU or by hitting F11.

Can I make videos of Wanderlust Adventures and share them with other gamers?

Of course!

Will there ever be 'trading' in Wanderlust Adventures?

We currently have no plans to add trading into the game for a number of reasons:
1) It would be too easy to duplicate items since characters are stored locally.
2) Players would create characters simply to store their items.
3) Players would create games just to trade items instead of play the game.
4) Most importantly, the earned acquisition of wealth and power is an essential driving force in the progression of the game; being able to trade would undermine this.

Can we play Wanderlust Adventures LAN? Splitscreen?

Yes but you must still connect through Steam. Wanderlust Adventures does not support a splitscreen option.

I have a question not listed here in the F.A.Q.! What do I do?

The best way to reach us to ask a question not listed here is email us at