Friday, May 8, 2015

v. Broadsword +4

  • NEW: Switching to Epic Difficulty now resets the world
  • NEW: Switching to Epic Difficulty now abandons all quests
  • NEW: Activated Steam Achievements
  • NEW: Added a background behind UI buttons
  • NEW: Reduced scaling of number of monsters in ambushes
  • NEW: Leaders now scale Bronze for 1-2 players, Silver for 3, Gold for 4
  • NEW: Awards now show award name instead of player name
  • NEW: Increased costs of crafted items/gems
  • BUGFIX: Can no longer sort/quicksell while augmenting or moving items
  • BUGFIX: Fixed a number of enemy attacks (range, type)
v. Broadsword +3
  • NEW: Assassin - Stealth Potion re-designed
  • BUGFIX: Can open player menus during loading screens
  • BUGFIX: Barrens Outpost Boss patterns too quick

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