Monday, June 15, 2015

v. Broadsword +18

NEW: Changed popup for Barrens Quest #4 gem when enemies are around
NEW: Some dialogue changes in the Desert Outpost Questline
NEW: Sorcerer - Extended the length of auras
NEW: Sorcerer - Slightly changed some spell descriptions
NEW: Sorcerer - Increased impact raidus of Chain Lightning
NEW: Changed sound effects for the Ooze Cave Boss
NEW: "Resist All %" changed to "Resist All (Non-Phys) %"
BUGFIX: Assassin - Blast spell cooldown has a visual bug
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - Sometimes casts the wrong charge spell (multiplayer)
BUGFIX: Typing 1,2, or 3 while chatting also changes magic stance
BUGFIX: Blessed Touch cure of statuses do not sync (multiplayer)
BUGFIX: Assassin - Stealth skill description not accurate
BUGFIX: Crusader - Uniques have "Healing Breeze" instead of "Angel Breath"
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - Chain Lightning breaks when wearing "+1" Uniques

v. Broadsword +17

NEW: Crawl - New Music
NEW: Re-designed how skills visibly cooldown on UI
NEW: Sorcerer - Changed shadow of Shock spell
NEW: Made "Private Stash" the first menu option for campfires
NEW: Adjusted font coloring and purple player options
NEW: Trucated Companion Names on the HUD
NEW: Different colored names for Devs and Alpha Testers
NEW: Reduced number of vines spawned by Blood Plant
NEW: Changed color of Shroomer Puff to purple (to match status)
BUGFIX: Sometimes ambushes in the Smelly Cave end before they start
BUGFIX: Wrong music plays if day/night transitions during ambush
BUGFIX: Wrong colors being displayed in the Style Bar

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