Saturday, June 20, 2015

v. Broadsword +19

NEW: Made change to Monster AI - they will be more likely to aggro if hurt
NEW: Blood Plant enemy no longer spawns with vines around it (performance hit)
NEW: Made some dialogue changes (Desolates Outpost and ending)
NEW: Overhauled the backend of the Custom Keybinding Menu
NEW: Added some new keymapping options to the Custom Keybinding Menu
BUGFIX: Some monsters do not aggro even if hurt
BUGFIX: Bandit Marksman will auto-hit if player hides while he is shooting
BUGFIX: Possible to get stuck in Overgrowth Boss room
BUGFIX: Campfire south of Exploratorium doesn't function (remove)
BUGFIX: Cannot begin Quest #2 of the Desert Outpost
BUGFIX: Sometimes keyboard hotkeys (Skill Menu) are not in the right spot
BUGFIX: Chat not showing proper player name colors (beta and dev only)

v. Broadsword +18

NEW: Changed popup for Barrens Quest #4 gem when enemies are around
NEW: Some dialogue changes in the Desert Outpost Questline
NEW: Sorcerer - Extended the length of auras
NEW: Sorcerer - Slightly changed some spell descriptions
NEW: Sorcerer - Increased impact raidus of Chain Lightning
NEW: Changed sound effects for the Ooze Cave Boss
NEW: "Resist All %" changed to "Resist All (Non-Phys) %"
BUGFIX: Assassin - Blast spell cooldown has a visual bug
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - Sometimes casts the wrong charge spell (multiplayer)
BUGFIX: Typing 1,2, or 3 while chatting also changes magic stance
BUGFIX: Blessed Touch cure of statuses do not sync (multiplayer)
BUGFIX: Assassin - Stealth skill description not accurate
BUGFIX: Crusader - Uniques have "Healing Breeze" instead of "Angel Breath"
BUGFIX: Sorcerer - Chain Lightning breaks when wearing "+1" Uniques

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