Thursday, July 23, 2015

v. Broadsword +22

NEW: Added Player Tokens value to Companion List Menu
NEW: Added Player Tokens value to Jeweler List Menu
NEW: Added Player Tokens value to Blacksmith List Menu
NEW: Added an "Escort Failed!" notification if an escort dies
NEW: Added "Total Awards" count to Awards Menu
BUGFIX: Wrong music if you use a Soul Charge to beat an ambush
BUGFIX: Re-speccing changes a couple hotkeys
BUGFIX: Found the same event map in twice in one game
BUGFIX: Dashing enemies seem to get stuck on walls (moving in place)

07/22/2015 - v. Broadsword +21

NEW: Re-coded transition screens
NEW: Added a Hotkey Confirmation Window when changing hotkeys
NEW: Added more class-based instructions on the intro screen
NEW: Hotkeys will now default to Basic Attack instead of Blank Hotkey
NEW: Added a menu-popup when the game fails to detect Steam running
NEW: Selecting a Companion now plays its "aggro sound"
NEW: Crusader - Changed hit sound effects
BUGFIX: Fixed various issues with Final Quest
BUGFIX: Transporters don't always activate when you press ACTIVATE
BUGFIX: Two typos in Crusader skill descriptions ('Breathe', missing period)
BUGFIX: Sorcerer Tier 6 spells out of element order
BUGFIX: Wolfpack quest says to kill 20 wolves (but it's now 10)

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