Friday, July 24, 2015

v. Broadsword +23

NEW: Gazer Lazer now breaks block if it is blocked
NEW: Chests opened on Event Maps can drop jewelry
NEW: Soul Orb location colored by difficulty
BUGFIX: Some light sources are off-center
BUGFIX: Undead Jester cards are invisible
BUGFIX: Bandit Thug has some numbers on him
BUGFIX: Warrior - Resist Knockback says "Gold Rank"

07/23/2015 - v. Broadsword +22

NEW: Added Player Tokens value to Companion List Menu
NEW: Added Player Tokens value to Jeweler List Menu
NEW: Added Player Tokens value to Blacksmith List Menu
NEW: Added an "Escort Failed!" notification if an escort dies
NEW: Added "Total Awards" count to Awards Menu
BUGFIX: Wrong music if you use a Soul Charge to beat an ambush
BUGFIX: Re-speccing changes a couple hotkeys
BUGFIX: Found the same event map in twice in one game
BUGFIX: Dashing enemies seem to get stuck on walls (moving in place)

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