Tuesday, August 4, 2015

v. Battle Axe +1

NEW: Made the Treant hitbox smaller
BUGFIX: Clients get perma-stunned on join
BUGFIX: Some skills become unbalanced after using +Skill Gear

8/2/2015 - v. Broadsword +25

NEW: Altered the intro and ending cinematics for legibility
NEW: Pressing START (gamepad) will skip game intro and cinematic intro
NEW: Mines Floor 2 now has a chance of spawning mining nodes
NEW: Lowered hunting requirements for end-dungeon-only Bosses
NEW: Moved "Sell All" option to the top of the sell confirm menu
NEW: Sorcerer - Changed Power/Aura charge time to 0.5sec (was 1 sec)
BUGFIX: Sometimes touching an enemy does not target it
BUGFIX: Sometimes Aerial Slash attacks toward the wrong target
BUGFIX: Could not retrieve Soul Orb (Barrens Warpstone)

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