Sunday, August 9, 2015

v. Battle Axe +2

NEW: Hunting Boards now locked during Final Quest
NEW: Adjusted dialogue for Abandoned House woman
NEW: Can now "Return to last outpost" from Town Exit
NEW: Can now turn in blueprints/designs from stash
BUGFIX: Numbers visible on Abandoned House boss
BUGFIX: Error when players are hit into spiked wall objects
BUGFIX: Boss-room chat bubbles disappear quickly for clients
BUGFIX: Cannot back out of naming menus
BUGFIX: Sometimes day/night cycle out of sync with client
BUGFIX: Desert Boss does not die right away on client
BUGFIX: Crusader casts res even if it's not unlocked
BUGFIX: Can walk through red poison flowers

8/4/2015 - v. Battle Axe +1

NEW: Made the Treant hitbox smaller
BUGFIX: Clients get perma-stunned on join
BUGFIX: Some skills become unbalanced after using +Skill Gear

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