Sunday, August 23, 2015

v. Battle Axe +9

NEW: Chests can now randomly spawn in dungeons
NEW: Any enemy may now drop Companion Contracts
NEW: Can no longer be ambushed during the final quest (pre-Mountains)
NEW: Kicked players may no longer rejoin the same host (until re-hosted)
BUGFIX: Rare issue with joining games (player invisible or duplicated)
BUGFIX: Losing credit for defeating The Watcher
BUGFIX: Clients sometimes do not get credit for Treant & Breach Den quests
BUGFIX: Game crashes if you type "`", "~", or "|" (removed)
BUGFIX: Client sometimes sees Neramaar in town after the ending
BUGFIX: Players can use hotkeys during ending cinema
BUGFIX: Did not get achievement for defeating Epic Lich
BUGFIX: Some companion attacks still hurt players
BUGFIX: Duplicate summons from Bone Pillar on client
HOTFIX: Clients cannot enter boss rooms

8/18/2015 - v. Battle Axe +8

NEW: Reduced number of spawn points just outside of the Lich Tower
NEW: Added an Earth Golem only spawn to the Overgrowth and Underwood
NEW: Sanctuary no longer deals damage by stealing overheal hp
BUGFIX: Player dies as soon as they begin the arena in single player
BUGFIX: Cannot rename Skelebone Assassin companion
BUGFIX: Ice and Explosion Potions do not destroy breakable objects
BUGFIX: Omen Beetles die in one hit
BUGFIX: Fighting Prowess doesn't increase Physical Resist
BUGFIX: Large companions get stuck on Warpstone after warping
BUGFIX: Poison Aura (Moonfang) does not work
BUGFIX: Blacksmith/Jeweler menus disappear on mouse click
BUGFIX: Visual flicker while using mouse in companion list menu

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