Wednesday, September 2, 2015

v. Battle Axe +11

NEW: Changed "Mana Shield" description to "Mana Shield +50%"
NEW: Ooze Cave - Pink Slime may now spawn as a Renowned mob
NEW: Arena Trophies now have a 10% chance to drop from any Epic Chest
BUGFIX: Crusader - Moonfang stops functioning on room change
BUGFIX: Rowan stays "downed" after the final boss is defeated

8/28/2015 - v. Battle Axe +10

NEW: Added new resolution (2048x1152)
NEW: Barrens Boss now summons Renowned minions on Epic difficulty
NEW: Rowan can now be defeated during the final boss fight
NEW: Made slight changes to the final boss fight
NEW: Changed how the Lich Apprentice casts "duplicate"
BUGFIX: Drawing errors with Barrens Boss on Epic difficulty
BUGFIX: Barrens Boss not scaled properly to difficulty
BUGFIX: Clouds inside the arena lobby
BUGFIX: Minor Error in Player Menu (Kick)
BUGFIX: "START" for all hotkeys in keybinding menu (on gamepad)
BUGFIX: Some projectiles still hurt players during 'respawn' period
BUGFIX: You can have two characters on the same boat position (intro screen)
BUGFIX: Exit while naming a new character leaves you no playable character

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