Saturday, September 5, 2015

v. Battle Axe +12

NEW: NPCs now have a chance to complain if players destroy nearby objects
NEW: Lowered chance for "Arena Trophy" to drop outside of Arena (5%)
NEW: Blue Gem Shards now drop alongside a Green Gem Shard
BUGFIX: Clients can kill the final boss before they are supposed to
BUGFIX: Camera can lock onto the wrong player after you die/revive

09/02/2015 - v. Battle Axe +11

NEW: Changed "Mana Shield" description to "Mana Shield +50%"
NEW: Ooze Cave - Pink Slime may now spawn as a Renowned mob
NEW: Arena Trophies now have a 10% chance to drop from any Epic Chest
BUGFIX: Crusader - Moonfang stops functioning on room change
BUGFIX: Rowan stays "downed" after the final boss is defeated


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