Monday, July 30, 2012

PATCH 2.70 Notes

[PATCH 2.70]

+ [FIX] Continued to address bugs with keymapping and menus
+ [FIX] Some players could not see Multiplayer option in Esc Menu
+ Admin chat now appears orange/gold in Global Lobby Chat
+ Some setup menus can now be escaped (back)
+ [STEAM] Dedicated Hosts now will not earn Achievements
+ [STEAM] Addressed "Unexpected Error" and users not "owning the game"

[PATCH 2.69]

+ [FIX] Hard mode now awards proper amount of tokens
+ [FIX] Menus should again work with gamepad
+ [FIX] Orange stash should now key properly
+ [FIX] Chapter and Skill screens should now key properly

[PATCH 2.68]

+ Swapped the Right Mouse and Shift key functions for Elementalist
+ Fixed issues with keyboard mapping (swaps used keys)
+ Removed notifications from Global Chat
+ [STEAM] Addressed a 'name' bug that broke the server list
+ Various bug-fixes

 ~ Yeti Trunk

1 comment:

  1. Thank you very much for the patch, fixed a few things that gave me a headache, as the selection of chapters lol.

    I am wanting to know the plans you have for the game, I hope to expand much more, because it is the best I've played! :D