Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Uniqueness of Wanderlust: Rebirth (Part II)

Wanderlust: Rebirth boasts "more features than most professionally funded titles", but how can this be possible? Simple...

First, Wanderlust: Rebirth was developed to offer unique gameplay for each of its 4 Character Classes. For example, if the Cleric keeps their allies at full strength, then they also do holy damage to the enemies surrounding these "over-healed" allies. The Fighter's "Slaughter" skill enables the player to track an opponent who is near death and deal an explosive critical hit to finish them off using their Aerial Slash attack. The Alchemists can dash through enemies and increase the amount of back-stab damage they inflict. Essentially, creating a new character creates a new game.

"...the game combines the retro role playing adventure feel with 
a hint of new age features and techniques." ~ Game Guide World

Second, Wanderlust contains immense replay value in its Story and Crawl game modes. The players who embark up the adventure in Story Mode are encouraged to replay the chapters until they master them on all 3 difficulty levels; earning 100% on a chapter will reward the player(s) with 100 additional Character Points. Unlocked after beating Chapter 8, "The Crawl" is an endless, randomized survival run with a huge slot machine made available after the first 5 levels of difficulty to spice things up as you get further in. Enemies continue to become more deadly, but the rewards become much greater the longer you survive.

Finally, Wanderlust: Rebirth is a hybrid of many different styles of gaming: eastern with western, retro with modern, action with strategy, gamepad with mouse/keyboard, and single-player with co-op. There are many different styles of gamer and Wanderlust: Rebirth seamlessly blends all of these styles together for a fresh, yet familiar experience.

~ Yeti Trunk

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