Thursday, August 30, 2012

Patch 2.84 Notes

[PATCH 2.84]

+ Reduced number of shards in Ice Wave to 3
+ [FIX] Relic Rush not ending when timer hits zero (host on Blue Team)
+ [FIX] Host gets credit for kills in Relic Rush
+ [FIX] All Awards award not being awarded at the end of chapters

[PATCH 2.83]

+ Unlocked new Game Mode: Relic Rush!
+ Capped Crawl reward tokens at 3000 each level
+ Blood splatters now toggled OFF with High Detail (OFF)
+ Toned down HP and Damage for Final Boss on Normal and Hard Modes
+ Removed the initial damage for Chain Lightning on direct hit
+ Players now move slower while holding "carry objects" (ex. CH3 Pure-Water)
+ Players may now walk through some "carry objects"
+ A few "carry objects" now drop at player location instead of in front
+ Alchemists may no longer dash while carrying objects
+ Added PgUp, PgDn function to scroll up and down in chat
+ Added E-KEY tip to inform players of PgUp/PgDn scrolling functions
+ Added E-KEY tip to remind players of requirements for Crafting
+ [FIX] Players can appear to 'teleport' after attacking if client is below 30FPS
+ [FIX] Wrong award given for crafting 50 blueprints

[PATCH 2.82]

+ Unlocked new Game Mode: Arena!
+ [FIX] Various minor bugs

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