Sunday, August 5, 2012

PATCH 2.73 Notes

[PATCH 2.73]

+ Improved Server List: displays more games per page, no freeze
+ Gold and green in-game font for developers and beta testers, respectively
+ Added ESC Key icons to Skill and Awards menus
+ Added Option to toggle "Show Private Games" in "Online Options"
+ [FIX] CH10 Retry should now award tokens

[PATCH 2.72]

+ Players are now invulnerable for 3 seconds after reviving
+ CH8 Boss easier on Normal difficulty
+ Added "T" to keyboard re-mapping options
+ [FIX] "Epic" Crawl unlock exploit
+ [FIX] Online High Scores
+ [FIX] Unable to view player profiles in game
+ [FIX] Energize syncing improperly for Right Mouse Click
+ [FIX] Killing Blow does not ADD hits to your total combo and damage
+ [FIX] Hosting, destroying and updating server info 'hangs' the game
+ [FIX] Alchemist Dash de-synchronize overheal %
+ [FIX] Special characters from Steam Nicknames impede hosting attempts
+ [FIX] Glorbungle's Trident Spell does not scale with difficulty
+ [FIX] Error when NPCs touch Ice Wall
+ [FIX] Keymapping glitch in Skills menu
+ [FIX] Players keep 'death award' from Tutorial in Chapter 1

[PATCH 2.71]

+ Added synchronization to boulders in CH3 Cave Escape Scene
+ Added a E-Tip about Bandits using Stealth Potions (rare)
+ [FIX] Only one of each Elemental Summon can be created per player
+ Added a Enter/Space button to the lobby portal for hosts
+ Blood Slimes no longer grow when hitting NPC Allies
+ [FIX] Dedicated hosts again earn tokens for hosting
+ [FIX] Token display corrected at chapter end
+ [STEAM] Removed "Gifts"
+ [FIX] Removed Arena from The Crawl
+ Players now "inactive" before CH9 Boss
+ [FIX] Various other minor bugs

~ Yeti Trunk

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