Monday, August 13, 2012

PATCH 2.75 Notes

RE: Cheating

We've had a number of player accounts reported to us (or we discovered them on our own) of players who have made changes to their characters in some fashion, and then proceeded to earn high scores or renown scores that were inappropriately inflated. Our first reaction was to "suspend" those users from being able to post scores on the high score boards. Our reasoning for this is one of integrity: there seems little point to us maintaining a High Score board unless those scores are understood to have been earned legitimately. 

In our most recent patch, we have implemented a player-based solution for players who do not want to play with "suspended users". In our "Online Options" menu, one may now toggle "Allow Suspended Players" to "OFF", which will keep them from joining the game if they have been suspended from posting high scores and/or renown scores.

Players who are "suspended" may still play Wanderlust: Rebirth, but they may find difficulty in joining games in the future. We feel that a player-driven solution is the most diplomatic one; thus, the Wanderlust community - as a whole - will decide the fate of those who do not want to "play fair".

[PATCH 2.75]

+ [AWARD] Changed "Counter" to "Fighting Prowess"; re-designed award
+ [FIGHTER] Power Slash peripheral damage 1/2 of direct damage
+ Added a Gamepad option (Gameplay Options) for Items Menu
+ Reduced efficacy of Divine Blade for Holy Damage
+ Undead Aura Skeletons capped power at Level 10
+ Regular Action Captions now only appear when an enemies reach 0HP
+ [FIX] Error with non-existing monsters
+ [FIX] Profile not 'remembered' after 'creation', only after first 'load'
+ [FIX] Incorrect tutorial hint(s) for Elementalist
+ [FIX] Players would "jump" if holding down movement while attacking
+ [FIX] Certain awards are not given to dead players
+ [FIX] Zemn sometimes jumps off screen if his target is hidden

[PATCH 2.74]

+ Power Slash peripheral damage now less than forward hit
+ Changed "Graphic Options" to "Visual Options"
+ Added "Cinematic Camera" toggle to "Visual Options" (screen shake)
+ Divine Blade now half as strong for non-holy attacks/spells
+ Server list now has option to not display "full" games (Online Options)
+ Fire-Strike now randomly available on Requiem
+ Diagonal movement should work when two keys are hit at the same time
+ [STEAM FIX] "Die Hard" Achievment not working on Epic
+ [FIX] Elementalist could cast Soul Charge while "inactive"
+ [FIX] Jackpot not incrementing
+ [FIX] Drawing error with Server List
+ [FIX] Certain orange items not stacking their effects with Requiem

~ Yeti Trunk

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