Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Patch 2.78 Notes

[PATCH 2.78]

+ SP Now gradually increases while not defending (instead of in clumps)
+ Attempted to better balance SP costs for Fighter and Alchemist
+ Removed high score star icons from game (temporarily)
+ [FIX] SP no longer drains during cinemas
+ [FIX] Players could put more than one point into single-point skills
+ [FIX] Addressed game "freezes" when global server is down

[PATCH 2.77]

+ Counter attacks now only 'count' when they connect on an enemy
+ Overkills only 'count' when they hit any enemy with 10+ remaining HP
+ Defending now drains SP (higher the difficulty, faster the drain)
+ Being hit no longer drains SP
+ Blocking now negates freeze (except if burning), stun, and sleep effects
+ Basic Attack no longer uses SP
+ [FIGHTER] Power Slash now knocks enemies back
+ [FIGHTER] Increased movement speed of Aerial Slash
+ [FIGHTER] Player now invincible during jump in Aerial Slash

[PATCH 2.76]

+ Hotfix (tutorial and character class/name change crash)

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