Saturday, August 25, 2012

Patch 2.81 Notes

[PATCH 2.81]

+ Healing Breeze now properly factors Blessed Touch level for CP cost
+ Lowered the distance Healing Breeze is effective
+ Lowered the length of time Stealth Potion lasts
+ Sleeping characters are now immune to other status effects
+ [FIX] Certain Auras stay after players die
+ [FIX] CH8 Boss copies do not die when the boss dies

[PATCH 2.80]

+ Extended "timeout" length for premium check (non-Steam users only)
+ Berserker Fighters now lose Overheal at a much faster rate than normal
+ Added ability to sell items/materials in The Crawl and Arena lobbies
+ Adjusted cooldown on Magic Shield

[PATCH 2.79]

+ Magic Shield is now destroyed when it reflects a spell
+ Decreased duration before projectile spells disappear
+ Increased Energy Rune cooldown if players teleport using Energize
+ [FIX] CH09 Boss no longer gets stuck on players who revived
+ [FIX] Error with Resurrect skill in Co-op modes
+ [FIX] Game Freeze with Luck Box

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